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We want your input!

We have made the difficult, but ultimately most safe, decision to transition the Gala from a live format on the Whitby Field to an alternate format. 

The Gala Committee is exploring two options: the first option is a purely virtual option. You would Zoom into the event from your home. There will be a brief introduction from Whitby leadership, entertainment (think magician or mimes - very Parisian!), a high-energy auction, and opportunities to connect as a community.

The second option is to ask Whitby families to host gatherings (sticking to cohorts) in their backyards. We would ask that attendees stay socially distanced and Zoom into the event from outside. 

For each option, attendees will receive food items/beverages, decorative elements, and other fun items on the day of the event. 


Thanks for your ideas!

We'll be in touch soon.

Whitby Development 

Tel: 203.869.8464

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